Keeping rangers safe while
they keep Country safe.

Our land is our life. If it dies, we die.

Care for Country (C4C) is an iATSIC fundraising initiative focused on healing and re-connecting all Australians with Country.

Our goal is simple: To heal Country and do it safely.


In 2020, we all watched in horror as the Black Summer fires raged across Australia. For decades, extreme fires like this have devasted our land, our wildlife and our people.

Our Country is sick and fast losing resilience. Everything is out of balance.
Care for Country supports projects that restore resilience through gentle Indigenous-based land management practices. Central to this approach is the correct use of fire.

We call it RightFire – the right fire, for the right Country type, at the right time.

There’s a big difference between the right fire and the wrong fire. One heals. One destroys.

We believe you can fight fire with fire.

Photo by James Carmody

The Care for Country Ethos:


We need to listen to Country


We need to understand Country


We need to heal Country


We need to maintain healthy Country

Staying Safe

We need to keep everyone safe in the process

Support RightFire

Not all Fire is Bad

  • What Is RightFire?

    Put simply, it’s:

    • the right fire
    • the right country type
    • at the right time.
  • RightFire is Gentle

    The tree canopy never burns and the fire stays ‘cool’.

    The soil ecology is preserved and our native bees are protected.

The wrong fire brings death and destruction.
RightFire brings healing.

What is RightFire?

“Timing is paramount.

Country will tell us when she is ready to burn…

Some Country must never burn.”

Paul Dawson: GM Operations, BPAC

Why RightFire?

The gentle nature of RightFire
allows animals and insects
to escape

The devastating impact of extreme fires:

  • The canopy is lost
  • The food is gone
  • The soil is baked and sterilised
  • All surviving animals are displaced
  • The land is open to invasive plant species
  • The runoff will bring erosion
  • Our waterways will also be polluted

Our First Care For Country Project: Stop Extreme Fires

The goal of this project is to directly fund Australia-wide Indigenous ranger RightFire training.

Understanding RightFire

2019-2020 Black Summer fires impact data


Hectares burned


Creatures killed or displaced


Buildings destroyed


People killed in fires
and as a result of smoke


In damages, making them Australia’s
costliest natural disaster.


Types of bees are
also under threat.

Help us make sure
this never happens again…

Photo by Adam Stevenson

‘Stop Extreme Fires’ project vision:

To help break the cycle of catastrophic bushfires in Australia.

To prevent the trauma they bring to our wildlife, our landscape and our people.

To heal Country by combining Indigenous RightFire with Engagement-based safety.

C4C offers:

  • a sustainable approach to bushfire mitigation
  • incorporating traditional knowledge of the RightFire
  • while closing the gap with Indigenous employment.

Support Care for Country and help:

  • Care for animals
  • Care for the environment
  • Care for people

Building resilience:

  • In our communities
  • In our landscape
  • In our wildlife

Why Should Your Business Support C4C?

  • Sustainable Living

    Your customers will see your commitment to sustainability.

  • Reducing Greenhouse Gases

    Supporting RighFire helps reduce harmful CO2 emissions.

  • Environmentally Driven

    Our population will see that you care about the environment.

  • Supporting Indigenous Employment

    You can help fund much-needed Indigenous ranger jobs.

“An increase in the frequency and intensity of fires in Australia could mean that ecosystems never fully bounce back.”

Cristina Santín – Wildfire researcher

“The healthier the land, the less likely it is to burn with bushfires. But we don’t have enough skilled practitioners to manage the country… 

Victor Steffensen – Firesticks Alliance 

We also make sure our rangers stay safe while they keep Country safe.

When we heal Country, we heal people. 

Click here to learn more about our Engagement-based safety training.